Student Support Services

Student Support Services Program Coordinator Matt Diehl speaking with a student.

Student Support Services (SSS) serves the academic, non-cognitive and cultural needs of the SSS-eligible population at Central, defined as students who are first-generation, low income or whom have a disability. These services include: academic tutoring, advice and assistance in postsecondary courses, information on scholarships and education to improve the financial and economic literacy of students, mentoring, first-year transitional course and individualized coaching.

eligible students have access to individualized coaching
of first-year SSS students are enrolled in a 2-credit Intro to College Success course
of SSS students receive additional grant aid from the program

Resources Available

Professional Tutors

In addition to student-tutors, professional tutors are available to assist SSS-eligible students with writing and study techniques.


Central College student

Team Building and Leadership

There are many participation and leadership opportunities in Introduction to College Success, a first-year course available to all first-year students.

Financial Literacy

Financial information and education on preparing budgets, building investments, understanding loan and grants, etc.

Career Preparation

Through job-shadowing opportunities, specialized seminars on dining, social media and etiquette, and self-awareness inventories.


Assessment of needed services and advocacy when working with campus personnel regarding reasonable accommodation for a documented disability.



Referrals to appropriate campus resources are made by experienced staff.

Coordination of Classroom Accommodations

For students with a documented disability, this can include but is not limited to note takers, extended time on exams, testing assistance via scribe or technology, alternative testing environment, computer use, etc.


The Central Difference

Individualized Coaching

Participants in the SSS program have access to individualized coaching throughout your entire career at Central College. You will meet your SSS staff coach during your first semester at Central. This relationship will continue throughout your studies.

Central College student

Intro to College Success

The 2-credit transitional course for first-year students is taught by SSS staff. You will form a strong relationship with instructors and learn to develop awareness, responsibility, motivation, management, life-long learning and emotional intelligence.

Experienced and Diversified Staff

The SSS staff has many years of experience with students who are first-generation, low-income or have a disability.

Leadership Roles

SSS students have held many leadership roles including: Student Body President, Student Senate officers, tutor, resident advisor, SOS leader and Community Service Leader.


"One of the biggest ways SSS has assisted me is by providing many extracurricular events, groups and activities outside of the classroom in order to provide more opportunities to connect with other students and faculty. By creating more ways for students to connect and network throughout campus (and even off campus); I have become more confident in my communication skills and overall ability to perform both inside and outside of the classroom."

– Logan Moeller (Class of '17)


"When you are the student in the room with a disability it is hard enough to just make it through the class and try and keep up. SSS helped me with making those early connections with faculty and encouraging me to make a personal connection with each professor, share my story and find ways of working together.

My four years at Central truly changed my life. I am so thankful for a faculty that was so willing to work with me in so many different ways in order to accommodate my dyslexia."

– Amy Sluiter (Class of '04)