Cathy Haustein

Cathy Haustein

Title: Professor of Chemistry
Department: Chemistry
Office Location: Vermeer Science Center 227
Phone: 641-628-5145
Email: hausteinc@central.edu


B.A. from Central College
M.F.A. from University of Iowa
Ph.D. from University of Iowa

Areas of Expertise:

analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry instrumental analysis, the extraction of alkaloids from natural products, environmentally friendly laboratory experiences, fluorescence spectroscopy and fiction writing

About Cathy Haustein

Cathy Haustein holds a master’s degree in fiction writing and a doctorate in chemistry. As an analytical chemist, she is trained in the use of chemical instrumentation and is curious about chemicals in plants.

Her lab manual “Cleaner, Greener Labs for Analytical Chemistry” consists of new labs and classic labs that use less toxic chemicals than traditional ones. Haustein is a member of the American Chemical Society. Her fiction takes a humorous look at female scientists and their lives. She’s the author of the novels “Mixed In” and “Natural Attraction.” She has been a member of the Central College faculty since 1983.

Visit www.catherinehaustein.com