Fine Arts



Students may register for blocks of 10 lessons in fall and in spring. Blocks of six lessons are available for the summer.  Registration closes Sept. 15 for fall-semester lessons, Jan. 15 for spring-semester lessons, and May 15 for summer lessons.


Lessons blocks must be paid in full by the start of each lesson block (Sept 15, Jan 15, and May 15). No lessons will be taught until payment is made in full.

Lesson Length and Payment

Fall/Spring Lessons

Summer Lessons

School Participation

One of Central Music Academy’s goals is to enhance school band, choral, and orchestral programs by providing lessons and classes for those students who desire a more in-depth musical experience. All students enrolled in private lessons at Central Music Academy are urged to participate in their school music programs, if such a program is available.

Central College Facilities

Central Music Academy (CMA) piano students and accompanists may utilize Central College pianos. All other students may not handle or touch any instrument or equipment owned by Central College unless granted special permission. CMA students may use Central College practice rooms, but Central music students have first priority. Please be respectful of all equipment at Central, including the lobby area.

Lesson Conflicts

IMPORTANT: If a conflict with a private lesson arises, please contact the instructor to switch lesson times or cancel the lesson. Your instructor may be driving to Pella from out of town to meet with you.

No refunds will be issued for missed CMA lessons.

REMEMBER: Make-up lessons must be completed before 15 August, 15 December, or 15 May for summer, fall, and spring terms respectively. No monetary credit will be forwarded from one term into future lessons.

Early Withdrawal

To withdraw from instruction before the end of the term, as a courtesy please send an email to  No refunds will be given.

Practicing Requirements

Each teacher at Central Music Academy may set his/her own expectations for home practice. Faculty teaching loads and performance standards are established individually by each teacher.

Note: Registration is not a guarantee of lessons. In the event that we cannot find a teacher for you, you will be issued a refund.