We Are a Community That Cares

Aug. 16, 2021

All of us at Central College are thrilled to welcome you to campus this month!

In preparation before classes begin, we strongly encourage all students, faculty and staff to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. Our collective success depends on our ability to have a heart for others — to support one another and act as responsible citizens in the context of our close campus community.

Central is Mask Friendly

We are using a mask-friendly process. As we enter into the Fall 2021 semester, masks are encouraged, but not required. Everyone on campus should be comfortable and supported in wearing or not wearing a mask at any time. We appreciate our community’s concern for all and remind all to be courteous, respectful and aware of each other’s needs.

We ask you to be exceedingly careful during the first two to three weeks on campus. We do recommend that you bring some masks to campus and carry one with you at all times for easy access when needed. Check out these measures to help keep campus safe.

Have You Been Vaxxed?

Individuals who have received a shot are eligible for incentives. Students who voluntarily submit proof of vaccination by no later than September 30, 2021, for COVID-19 will be entered into a drawing for one of two prizes:

  1. An Apple watch (or android equivalent)
  2. A one-year free parking pass good for any regulatory campus parking space.

If you’re not yet vaxxed, it’s not too late to take advantage of the incentives. A series of clinics for COVID-19 and flu vaccinations will be held on campus:

  • Saturday, Aug. 21 noon – 3 p.m. (in front of First Baptist on Broadway)
  • Sunday, Aug. 22 noon – 3 p.m. (in front of First Baptist on Broadway)
  • Monday, Aug. 23 noon – 3 p.m. (in front of First Baptist on Broadway)
  • Tuesday, Aug. 24 noon – 3 p.m. (in front of First Baptist on Broadway)
  • Thursday, Sept. 16 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (in front of Maytag Student Center on Broadway)
  • Thursday, Oct. 14 noon – 3 p.m. (in front of P.H. Kuyper Gymnasium on Independence)

We Are a Community That Cares

Students of the Central community who test positive for the virus during the semester must isolate for 10 days. They will be assisted by Central staff to “mitigate” the effects of isolation and will be in contact with their professors on academic actions to take. Guidelines are shared here.

Additional guidelines are in place for student-athletes in alignment with NCAA protocols.

The college will carefully monitor exposure risk and patterns of transmission and may apply enhanced protocols on short notice. We have in place systems for contact tracing, quarantine and isolation. Check here often for additional guidelines and information. I’ll be in touch as necessary to inform you about updated guidelines as the situation warrants.


Carol Williamson
Vice President of Student Development