Living on campus

General Residence Life Information

Co-Curricular Involvement

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My student has a question about housing and/or roommates. Who should s/he contact?
  2. What is residence hall life like?
  3. Why must my student live on campus?
  4. How does my student choose his/her roommate?
  5. Where is the “cool” place to live on campus?
  6. How does the housing process work?
  7. What comes in the rooms?
  8. What shouldn’t my student bring to campus?
  9. Can my student have a pet in his/her room or house?
  10. What do we do about roommate conflicts?
  11. Where can my student park his/her car? Where can I park when I come to visit?
  12. What are my student’s meal options? Can our family eat on campus when we visit?
  13. Is there a security officer on call 24 hours a day?
  14. What is the college alcohol policy?
  15. What happens if my student violates campus policy?