Service Learning

Travel Information


To Request Travel Assistance for Gas When Using Your Own Vehicle You MUST:

Travel assistance form


Travel assistance amounts are as follows:

Destination Amount
Des Moines $12
Ottumwa $12
Newton $8
Oskaloosa $5
Knoxville $5
Prairie City $8

Note: It is academic dishonesty to request travel assistance for a trip that was not made, thus requests may be audited at any time and will be cross-checked with the student’s signed orange log at the end of the semester.

Whether you drive a college vehicle or your own, we expect that you not drive when the roads are hazardous. Service-learning partners understand the importance of safety and will excuse this absence, but you must call to let them know that you are not coming.

To Reserve a College Vehicle

We understand that not all students have access to a vehicle on campus. To ensure that all students have the opportunity to serve at out-of-town sites, we provide access to college vehicles. The use of college vehicles is reserved for those students who do not have a vehicle registered on campus. Exceptions to this rule may be granted for extenuating circumstances presented to the Director of the Center for Community-Based Learning.

Please note: