Phase II – Become a Pipe Organ Donor

Rendering of Douwstra stage with proposed organ.Rendering of Douwstra stage with proposed organ.

Phase II of Douwstra Auditorium renovation

Phase II of the Douwstra Auditorium renovation includes plans for:

  • A new, handcrafted pipe organ by world-renowned organ builder Casavant Frères of Canada.
  • Much needed back-of-the-house infrastructure improvements, including new air-handling and mechanical equipment.

Douwstra Auditorium was furnished with an organ when it was built in 1939. The instrument was one of the last of its kind built before its essential materials were rationed during World War II. The college has sought to restore an organ to the space ever since the building’s last renovation in 1984.

Creating the perfect new organ for Douwstra Auditorium requires collaboration. Casavant Frères has worked with the Douwstra architect to create a unique facade for the renovated space. The resulting custom-built organ will feature Casavant’s hand-built pipes and complement the building’s renovated interior.

The new organ will fill the auditorium with incredible sound and elegant beauty that harmonizes with the hall’s state-of-the-art acoustics and renovated interior design.

Before that can happen, Central needs another collaborator: You!

Donate now to help bring the king of instruments back to the center of Central’s campus—and help give voice to campus concerts and celebrations for generations to come.

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