Central College continues to take measures to protect the health and well-being of the campus community. After careful deliberations, we have decided to cancel our in-person events for Homecoming 2020, previously scheduled for Sept. 25-26. In place of our traditional events, we plan to offer a variety of virtual activities and will share additional information soon.

We look forward to welcoming alumni, families and friends to campus next fall for Homecoming 2021, scheduled for Oct. 1-3. We’ll have twice the reunion classes to celebrate and a wide variety of events to help alumni reconnect with the college and each other!

Virtual Alumni Events

We have a wide variety of virtual and pre-recorded events for you to enjoy during our Homecoming weekend! Links and additional information to come.

Sit in on a Class via Zoom

Language Development and Learning | 9:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 26

This class focuses on understanding the development of language in the child from birth to age 12. A variety of language modes, including writing, speaking, reading, listening and non-verbal are considered. Students will also be able to recognize and observe differences between spoken and written language. Course taught by Amanda Clark, assistant professor of education.

Use the Zoom link to tune in!

Virtual Tour of Campus

Check out this video tour to see all the incredible changes to campus since you were last here!

Lemming Race Around the World!

Record a video of you and your family holding your own Lemming Race! Dress up and jump into a baby pool, pond or pour a bucket of water on your head and share it with us.

Zoom Reunions

Having a happy hour with friends? Take a picture and share it with us!

Pre-Recorded Presentations 

Buzz Around Bees 

Explore the diversity of bees, both native and introduced, in the wild and in apiculture. Through lectures, readings, discussion, hands-on experience with the Central College Organic Garden beehive and visits to the field station, students gain a better understanding of the biology of bees, their ecology and conservation, culture for honey production and pollination of crops, as well as their role in society through history. Presentation by Paulina Mena, associate professor of biology.

Watch Part 1    Watch Part 2


100 Years in America

Learn about the experiences of Grace Van Roekel (Grietje Engeltjes) during her immigration to America with her family in 1920. Hear her stories of leaving loved ones in the Netherlands, arriving at Ellis Island, and being quarantined just after their arrival in Iowa. Milly shares the joys and struggles of her mother’s immigration, made very real again when visiting Ellis Island with Grace and in her hometown of Elburg, Netherlands. Presentation by Milly Vande Kieft, retired instructor of children’s literature.

Watch Presentation


A Brief History of Grasslands in the Midwest

A mini-lecture previously recorded for the Conservation Biology and Ecology of Iowa Class. Presentation by Russ Benedict, professor of biology.

Watch Presentation


The World of Bats

Topics include different types of bats found in the world and Iowa; how fast a bat’s heart beats in flight; the economic value of bats; and bats and their connection to the COVID-19 pandemic. Presentation by Russ Benedict, professor of biology.

Watch Presentation


A Cappella Choir

Missing your home away from home? How about a beautiful pick-me-up from this year’s A Cappella Choir singing “The Lord Bless You” and “Homeward Bound.”

Academic Reunions

Connect with current faculty members to hear what is new in the department and to reminisce.

  • Environmental Studies: Saturday, Sept. 26 at 10 a.m. — Join on Zoom
  • Exercise Science: Friday, Sept. 25 at 6 p.m. — Join on Zoom
  • History: Friday, Sept. 25 at 3 p.m. — Join on Zoom
  • Service-Learning: Friday, Sept. 25 at 2 p.m. — Join on Zoom

How About Some Dutch Football!

Catch the rebroadcast of one of the KNIA/KRLS all-time top 10 football games: Central vs. Dubuque (2007)


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Photos from Homecoming 2019