Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships leave a lasting legacy. Thank you to Central family members listed below who have invested in the future. Their generosity will benefit many generations of Central students.

Sam & Mae Allen Endowed Scholarship

Altair Scholarship

Della Ashby Endowed Scholarship

Barnes Family Scholarship

S. Bert Baron Scholarship

W.H. (Hutch) Bearce Scholarship in the Sciences

Gert Beintema Scholarship for Exercise Science

Sharon Duven Bergland ’65 and George Bergland Endowed Scholarship

The Curt and Mary Blythe Scholarship

Carl Boat Memorial Scholarship

Grace Derrick Boat Memorial Scholarship

Art & Dottie Bosch Endowed Scholarship

Arie and Catherine Breed Scholarship

George and Georgia Breur Endowed Scholarship

Frank E. & Suzanne Brower Scholarship in Art

Taylor Brummel Endowed Scholarship

Robert and Julie Bryant Endowed Scholarship

Donald and Barbara Butler Endowed Scholarship

Johanna Bush Butterbaugh Scholarship

C.V. Starr Scholarship

Class of 1955 50th Anniversary Endowed Scholarship

Class of 1971 Endowed Scholarship

Jack Cook Memorial Scholarship

Milo & Elizabeth Couchman Scholarship

Henry Cox-Snow Music Scholarship

Dr. Maureen Danks Scholarship

Winona Davis Scholarship

Mark and Kay De Cook Family Scholarship

Delwin S. De Haan & Dorothy J. De Haan Ebbers Scholarship

William & Marie De Jong Scholarship

Herman D. De Jong Scholarship

Marlys De Wild Memorial Scholarship

Den Adel Endowed Scholarship

Kevin Den Adel Scholarship

Gerald Den Ouden Scholarship for Minority Students

Rev. Wolbert and Matilda Denekas Scholarship

Ruth & Mike Denekas Endowed Scholarship

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Desch Scholarship

The Tej Kumar Dhawan and Karen Spencer Dhawan Scholarship

John & Helen Diehl Endowed Scholarship

Dieleman Scholarship Fund

Gary Dirksen Community Service Scholarship

Bret Doerring Endowed Scholarship

Ryan-Drexler Endowed Scholarship

James W. Duncan Memorial Scholarship

The Dutch Blessing Scholarship

Orville & Ermina Dykstra Scholarship

James P. Ebbers & Marlyn E. Rietveld-Ebbers Scholarship

Genevieve Edgett Scholarship

Rev. Dr. Henry & Lucille Eggink Scholarship

Ehret Scholarship

Eilers Family Science Scholarship

Ellingson Family Scholarship

Rev. Herman & Thyrza Eringa Harmelink and Dora Eringa Scholarship

Michael & Wendi Farquhar Endowed Scholarship

Charlie S Farver Scholarship

Joan Farver Scholarship

Richard J. Fisher Scholarship

Julie Pothoven Fisher & John A. Fisher Endowed Scholarship

D. S. Flikkema Endowed Scholarship

Clara Ritter Foss Scholarship

Carl E. and Janet Poole Fovargue Scholarship in Humanities

Dr. Jann E. Freed Scholarship

Froelich Scholarship

Lewis and Dorothy Furda Scholarship in Music

The Gaard Family Endowed Scholarship

Peter G. and Norma L. Gaass Endowed Scholarship

The L. A. Garrison Scholarship for the Non-traditional Learner

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2010

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2011

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2012A

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2012B

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2013A

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2013B

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2014A

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2014B

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2015A

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2015B

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2016A

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2016B

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2017A

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2017B

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2018A

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2018B

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2019A

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2019B

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2020A

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2020B

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2021A

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2021B

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2022A

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2022B

Geisler Penquite Scholarship 2022C

Scholarship in memory of Brenda Daniel Gentry Class of 1997

Evyn Gentry Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Robert H. Gibson Endowed Scholarship

Marjorie B. Giles Scholarship

Rich Glendening Endowed Scholarship

Richard & Mary Glendening Scholarship for Global Experiential Learning

Nicholas and Henrietta Gosselink Family Music Scholarship

Robert & Alda Mae Van Duren Gosselink Scholarship

Jane Gosselink Scholarship

Lora Grandia Music Scholarship

John and Pam Grieco Endowed Scholarship

Laura Nanes Griffith History Scholarship

Jim & Barbara Grimm Endowed Scholarship

Griswell Family Scholarship

Laurence & Lois Grooters Scholarship

John Grooters Scholarship

Melissa Grubb Scholarship Fund

Marjorie Gruis Endowed Scholarship

Gunnink Family Scholarship

H.S. Kuyper Scholarship

H.S. Ostlin Endowed Scholarship

Henry and Johanna Hackert Family Scholarship

Walter Haines Scholarship

Jane E. Hamilton Scholarship

Dr. Philip J. Harmelink Scholarship

Mel & Dorna Haught Scholarship in Education

William Randolph Hearst Fund for Minority Students

Heerema Family Fund

Wilhelmina Heeren Scholarship

Joan Henderson Memorial Scholarship

Howard W. & Rose Hersbergen Scholarship

Harriet Heusinkveld Memorial Scholarship

Harriet Heusinkveld Scholarship

Hibbard Family Endowed Scholarship

Katie Johnson Hill Scholarship in Memory of Al & Margaret Johnson

Bill & Connie Hinga Scholarship for Outstanding Campus Leadership

The Dan Hocker Memorial Scholarship

The James A. and Beatrice H. Hoekstra Family Scholarship

Milton Hoffman International Scholarship

Holthuis Scholarship

Helen F. Housman Endowed Scholarship

Alvin G. Huenink Scholarship in Sociology

Maxine F. Huffman International Studies Scholarship

Janet Huizenga Ministry Scholarship

Joyce Huizer Scholarship Fund

David L. and Dr. Susan L. Humiston Scholarship in Business Management

Carl and Muriel Humphrey Scholarship

John C. Hunt Memorial Scholarship

Francis C. & Jeannette Huyser Endowed Scholarship

Ideal Ready Mix Endowed Scholarship

Ralph and Elaine Jaarsma Endowed Scholarship

Jaarsma Balk Business Scholarship

Jaarsma Balk Education Scholarship

T. Kent Jager Endowed Music Scholarship

Kirk Kaalberg Memorial Scholarship

Sheryl and Louis Kamerick Endowed Scholarship

Clifford & Ruth Keizer Scholarship

Kester Family Memorial Scholarship

Mary Kleinjan Scholarship

Gene Klimstra Scholarship

Marlyn & Thelma Klimstra Scholarship

Kniff Family Scholarship

Dirk & Nellie Kolenbrander Endowed Scholarship

Harold Kolenbrander & Judy Grooters Scholarship

Dr. Vernon H. Kooy ’39 Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth & Adam Krauss Scholarship

Kregel Scholarship

Frank Kressen & Dorothy Norton Kressen Scholarship

Robert and Nancy Kroese Endowed Scholarship

Hospers and Joyce Kuyper Endowed Music Scholarship

J. A. (Bob) and Esther Kuyper Scholarship

Pearl Robertson Science Scholarship

Alice Lammers Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Elsie M. Larson Scholarship Fund

Lautenbach Scholarship

Edith Sedrel LeCocq Scholarship

Leu Scholarship

The Little – Marshall Scholarship

George Liu Scholarship

Cornelia “Kate” Lubberden van Doorninck Scholarship

Leila M. Lufkin Endowed Scholarship

Main Family Scholarship

Ray Martin Music Lessons Scholarship

Matthew 6:3-4 Jennie Scholarship

Ward E. and Katherine A. McDaniel Endowed Scholarship

Edna McGowan Scholarship

Mephibosheth Endowed Scholarship Fund

Donald V. Meyer Mathematics Scholarship

Tsung Ying Miao Scholarship

Melba Hoekstra Miers Scholarship

Mihalovich Endowed Scholarship

Norman Vincent Peale Scholarship

Frank W. Moore Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Oliver Karlis Molenaar Scholarship

Mindy Moyer International Travel Scholarship

Edwin G. & Luella B. Mulder Endowed Scholarship

Arthur Muhlenbeck Scholarship

James J. Naccarato Scholarship

Floyd & Ruth Nagel Scholarship

Gordon Nesbit Scholarship

Bill & Wilma Northup Endowed Scholarship

Van Orsdall-Northup Music Scholarship

Brian O’Donnell Scholarship

William and Martha Paul Endowed Scholarship

Norman Ryerson Memorial Scholarship

Pearson Scholarship

Pella High School Scholarship

Pella Rolscreen Scholarship

Pella Second Reformed Church Scholarship

Jackson Perkins Education Scholarship

Joseph L. & Marjorie E. Petz Scholarship

Elmer C. & Mabel Woodrow Pickens Scholarship

John & Marilynn Poole Scholarship

Gertrude Poole Scholarship

Poppen Diversity Scholarship

Preministerial Scholarship

T.W. & H.B. Prins Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Wilma Pals Probert Scholarship

Putting People in Mission Minority Scholarship

William L. Rankin and Lori F. Nakahara Scholarship

Ray & Eva Rathmell Scholarship

Reformed Church in Plano Endowed Scholarship

Reformed Church Women Scholarship for Women

John Reynen Endowed Scholarship

Donald Rhoads Memorial Scholarship

Fred Rhynsberger Scholarship

Paul Scholten Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship in Honor of Caitlin & Caleigh Roe

Hilbert & Floy Roelofs Scholarship

Harold Roelofs & Mina Baker-Roelofs Endowed Scholarship

Jonathan Roorda Memorial Scholarship

The Bea and Eli Rosenman Charitable Scholarship Fund

John Roslien Endowed Scholarship

The Nancy Eckard Verderosa Scholarship

Emmanuel H. Scarff Scholarship

William & Lucille D. Schalekamp Scholarship

Ron Schipper Scholarship

Warren Dickson Schleich Scholarship

Don and Cindy Schmitt Scholarship

Norm Schouten Scholarship

Gertrude Scholten Freeman Memorial Scholarship

Joel Milan Shields Endowed Scholarship

John & Betty Sikkink Endowed Scholarship

Earl Simmelink Endowed Scholarship

Thomas Ross Smith Scholarship

Mamie E. Spratlen Scholarship

P.W. Steenhoek/J.G. Boat Endowed Scholarship for Honors Programs

Oliver Moore Memorial Scholarship

Street Family Scholarship in Memory of Christopher Michael Street

Margaret Ruckman Streeter Academic Scholarship Fund

Sutphen Family Scholarship

Dr. Paul and Faye Tambrino Foundation Scholarship

John S. Ter Louw Scholarship

The Tjaden Family Scholarship

Reverend Wm. Carman Trembath Scholarship

Walter David Tyler Scholarship

Richard A. (Babe) Tysseling Scholarship

John and Genevieve Van Hattem Spiekhout Scholarship

George W. and Doris G. Van de Voort Scholarship

Dr. A.C. & Mrs. Wilma Van Doorninck Rempe Scholarship

Fred H. Jr. and Betty Jean van Doorninck Scholarship

Fred H. and Wilda I. van Doorninck Scholarship

Peter H. Kuyper Scholarship

Franklin “Hap” and Frances Jean Van Gorp Scholarship

Robert W. Van Hal Endowed Scholarship in Music

Edwin ’70 & Martha Friskey Van Hemert ’72 Endowed Scholarship in Education

Esther C. Van Houweling Scholarship

Marge Van Houweling Scholarship

Van Leeuwen Scholarship

Henry & Tena Van Roekel Scholarship

Eunice & James Van Tuyl Scholarship

Mary Van Vliet Scholarship

Maurice Van Willigen Scholarship

Helen Van Zante Scholarship

Chester & Ruth Van Zee Music Scholarship Fund

Bob & Marie Vance Scholarship

Marie Vance International Studies Endowed Scholarship

Artis Vande Voort Leabo Scholarship

Vande Weerd Family Scholarship for Leadership and Service

Vandehaar Family Farm Scholarship

Mark & Michele Vander Linden Endowed Scholarship

Willis & Jennie Vander Kooi Scholarship

Frances M. Vander Linden Scholarship

Vander Linden/Cummings Scholarship

The Vander Lugt-Voss Scholarship Fund

Lyle and Kathy Vander Meiden Scholarship

Verda Vander Pol Scholarship

Vander Wal Family Endowed Scholarship

Brenton J. VanHorn Memorial Music Scholarship

Verle & Hilda Ver Dught Endowed Scholarship in Biology

Verle & Hilda Ver Dught Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry

Stan Ver Ploeg Family Scholarship

Karl Ver Steeg Scholarship

Mr. & Mrs. Joe H. Johnson Scholarship

Arlys & Bob Verdoorn Endowed Scholarship

Bob & Lois Vermeer Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

Jeanette and Elmer Vermeer Memorial Scholarship

Bob & Lois Vermeer Endowed Scholarship in Music Education

Robert L. and Lois Vermeer Endowed Scholarship

Philip and Berta Van Ekeren Scholarship

Phil Visser Memorial Conservation Scholarship

James & Dorothy (Ostendorf) Vos Memorial Scholarship

Jacoba (Jackie) Vander Lugt Voss ’50 Endowed Scholarship

Carol Vruwink Accounting Scholarship

John Vruwink Scholarship in Art

Lillian Waalkes Music Scholarship

Jack Walvoord Scholarship

Joan J. Walvoord Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Chambers Warnshuis Scholarship

Wilbur T. Washington Diversity Scholarship

Dr. Kenneth J. Weller Scholarship

Wellner Family Scholarship in Education

Dr. John Wesselink Scholarship

John & Vera Wesselink Scholarship

Kathryn Kling Whittlesey Scholarship

Ruth M. Wise Memorial Scholarship in Art

Marion Wormhoudt Scholarship

Eugene E. Wormhoudt Scholarship

Mary DuBois Wright Scholarship

Ralph VerPloeg Scholarship