Stocks and Mutual Funds

Gifts of stocks or mutual funds may be donated as outright gifts or as a pledge payment. When you make a gift of securities, your income tax deduction is equal to the fair market value of the securities, and you may avoid capital gains taxes on the transfer.


If your stock is held by a bank or broker, please notify Central College in advance by contacting Peggy Van Den Berg at 641-628-5174 or Without this information, the stock could be transferred to us without any way of knowing you made the gift, making it difficult to give you the proper tax credit and recognition you deserve.

If you hold the physical stock certificates yourself, mail them and a completed stock power form in separate envelopes (by certified mail) on the same day to:

Central College
ATTN: Advancement
812 University St.
Pella, IA 50219

Mutal Funds

Plan ahead when making a gift using shares of mutual funds. Since the mutual fund transfer process varies by company, please contact Peggy Van Den Berg at 641-628-5174 or to obtain the applicable transfer instructions.  The transfer process takes longer than a stock transfer, so please allow four to six weeks for the transaction to be completed. If you are planning on making a year-end gift, please start the process in early November.