A Note from the Editors

By Danielle Dickinson ‘12 & Kelly Spavin ‘13

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the 31st edition of The Writing Anthology.

This year’s Writing Anthology is a bit different from those of the past. With a collection of twelve very strong pieces of writing, we wanted to find a meaningful way in which to share them with you. The first four essays are part of a section centered on social consciousness. From there, the next three essays involve an aspect of team or community building. The last five essays in the 2011 Writing Anthology are about personal choice, either in the lives of our authors or in regards to characters in literary works. We hope that this flow of the essays is meaningful to you as you spend some time with the readings in this publication.

As is tradition with the Writing Anthology, we have selected one of these twelve outstanding essays as the recipient of the John Allen Award for the best example of student writing. We are pleased to announce that this award goes to Jessica Vetter for her thoughtprovoking essay, “Repotted: Evangelism and American Exceptionalism in the Congo.”

We would like to congratulate all of this year’s authors: thank you for such fantastic work. Second, we would like to thank the professors who chose to submit their student’s essays to the Writing Anthology: you are such a large part of what makes Central a wonderful place to be. As student editors, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank our faculty advisors, Dr. Amy Gates-Young and Dr. Walter Cannon. Your opinions and your guidance have been of the utmost help to us in this journey.

Additionally, we would like to thank Professor Mat Kelly and all of the talented artists who contributed their works to this year’s publication. We would like to particularly thank Chelsea Greiner, whose arrow image, “Smolder,” provided a metaphorical representation for the progression of the book. We would also like to thank Lauren Nossaman for providing the cover art for this year’s edition, entitled “It’s a circus out there.” Her colorful work reflects the freshness of this new layout and reimagining of this edition. Finally, we would like to thank Carol Geil for all of her assistance in the layout, design, and printing processes. This wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

Thank you again to all who contributed to the 2011 Writing Anthology.