Fine Arts

On Key

Trey Hull ’26 knew that he didn’t want to choose between his interests. He discovered that at Central College, he really can be part of it all.

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Take Notes

You don’t need to be a music major to discover your perfect ensemble. With a variety ensembles to participate in, you’re sure to find what makes your heart sing.

Do Your Part

You can be whoever you want to be in our musical theatre program. Grow as an artist and individual by participating in productions and collaborating with experienced professors.

Color Your World

Whether you want to teach, operate an art studio, work in a museum or become an architect, the art major at Central opens doors to unlimited opportunities.

Bring Your Creativity to Life

Put your creativity, talent and hand-eye coordination to work in our highly personalized art programs. Whether you are shaping your future in the glass-blowing studio or painting your stellar portfolio one brush stroke at a time, Central’s art classes will encourage you to expand your horizons and develop as an artist. Come senior year, your artwork will even be displayed in a public art gallery!

Art at Central Mills Gallery
Scenes from an art course at Central College

The Music In You

Scenes from music at Central College

Central’s music program allows you to be as involved as you want. You don’t have to be a music major to add to our sound and get involved in our music ensembles! From A Cappella Choir to Flying Pans Steel Drum Band, there are many ways to keep the music in you alive!

Music at Central Ensembles

The World is Your Stage

Set the stage for success by participating in our multiple mainstage or student-directed productions every year! We have opportunities both behind the curtain and in the spotlight where you will grow as an individual and artist. We can already see your name in lights!

Theatre at Central
Scenes from a theatre production at Central College

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