Meet Central Students

"Caleb Evans '23: A Major Changeup" text overlay with a photo of Caleb Evans '23 in the background.

A Major Changeup

Brad DiLeo ’22

Acceptance of Others

Madilynn Pietzman ’25

Shaping a New Path Forward

"Homecoming 2022" text overlay with a photo of the 2022 Lemming Race in the background.

Homecoming 2022

Welcome Week 2022

Welcome Week 2022

"Quinn Deahl '23: Nothing Else Compares" text overlay with a photo of Quinn Deahl '23 in the background.

Nothing Else Compares

"Mackenzie Biggs '24: In Perfect Harmony" text overlay with a photo of Mackenzie Biggs '24 in the background.

In Perfect Harmony

"The Perks of Pella" text overlay with a photo of the "Iowa Nice Guy" in front of Central Hall.

The Perks of Pella

"DelTon Alexander '24: Central Found My Heart" text overlay with a photo of DelTon Alexander in the background.

Central Found My Heart

Thomas Spoehr ’22

Setbacks Spark a New Dream

Amber Reysack ’25 working with a microscope in one of Central's science labs.

Life Loves On

Madolyn Clark ’22

Becoming Madolyn

Makenna Hall ’23

More in Store

The Van Gorp Family

Miss Amazing

Cameron Coles '22

A Scientist and a Scholar

Central's mascot, Big Red

Mane Fan on Campus

Aiyana Rouse ’21

Multi-Talented Leader

Video thumbnail showing students Yuan Bank ’22 and John Horner ’21

Central College Campus Tour

Maggie Langenfeld ’21

Transfer to Joy

Brandon Rosas ’20

Write On!

Caroline McMartin ’24

Guiding Fellow Students

Elizabeth Sheldon ’21

Sustainable Achievement

Allison Reinbold ’20 working in Central's glass blowing studio.

A New Tattoo and a New Perspective

Shandon Akeo ’21 going for a takedown during a wrestling match

Taking Down a Challenge

Katie Wang ’21

Success Secrets of a National Scholarship Winner

Blaine Hawkins ’21

Hawkins Writing History

Kayleigh Rohr ’20

I Can See Clearly Now

Avynne Trembly ’20

Double Trouble

Yuan Bank '22

Comforts of Home

Elizabeth Rouse ’20

No Limits in Sight

Tanner Zimmerman ’20

Wrestler, Potter, Scholar, Entrepreneur

Miles Wichhart ’21

Good Vibes

Sydney Williams ’20

“Everything I Could’ve Asked For”

Eric Visscher ’20

Building an Engineering Career

Abigail Lowry ’22

The Art of STEM

Parker Majerus ’20

Follow the Leader

Anne Williamson ’20

An Introvert’s Path to Leadership

Kurt Sernett ’21

Triple Threat

Sara Tallman ’20


Cheyanna Jennings ’20

Confidence in the Field

Ed Henning ’20

Fiddle or Football?

Anna Overla ’20

Intercultural Education in the Midwest

Marin Harrington ’21

A Writer Expands Her Voice

Kiera Dixon ’21

Studying Philosophy in France

Jacob Wegner '21

Where He Belongs

Jackee Jones ’20

Embodying Courage

Cierra Rustad ’20

Research in a Developing Country

Carlos Posas '21

Wrestling the Dream

Savanna Henning '20

Studying Bats and Learning to Adapt