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Delia Hintz ’25

“All professors at Central have their doors open. That open-door policy is huge. Especially as a student coming in who didn’t know anyone, knowing I have a friend in my professors is such a comfort. I’m so grateful to have professors who really support their students.”

— Delia Hintz ’25

Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona
Scholarships: Geisler Penquite scholarship
Involvement: Campus Ministries, Central Teaching Academy, Little Dutch Academy, Student Senate, Student Trustee, Student Worker at the Global Café at Geisler and Central Market
Career Goal: Second-grade teacher and eventually an elementary school principal

Delia Hintz ’25 loves to be involved and surrounded by people. Originally from Gilbert, Arizona, Central College has been the perfect fit for a student eager to grow.

Hintz was introduced to Central as a high school student while visiting family in Iowa.

“My cousin went to Central when I was in high school,” Hintz says. “I visited Pella one day and he showed me around campus. Pella reminded me of the town Stars Hollow from ‘Gilmore Girls.’ As I was walking around, I thought, ‘This could be my own little Stars Hollow.’”

Navigating the transition from a big city in Arizona to Pella, Iowa, wasn’t without some challenges. Thanks to the community at Central, Hintz quickly built a supportive network.

“The transition to college wasn’t easy. It was different coming here because I’m from a very big city,” Hintz admits. “But the community here is very close knit and welcoming. I felt like I could find people easily. The girls I met first year living on my floor in Scholte are still my best friends.”

Pictured, left to right: Daysi Harris ’25, Lindsey Hollibaugh ’25, Delia Hintz ’25, Morgan Roelfs ’25

Hintz embraces every opportunity to engage with her peers and contribute to Central’s dynamic campus community. Her journey of personal growth continues to be enriched by the friendships she’s cultivated and the sense of belonging she’s found.

“The cool thing about clubs and being involved with different organizations is having a shared passion that can be different from your major,” she says. “I love when I can use talents that I don’t use in my major. It’s another opportunity to grow those skills. Being involved also has helped me meet so many people from other areas instead of just education and math. I get to meet people from all sorts of majors who still share a passion for leadership and helping our campus.”

Pictured, left to right: Quinn Thompson ’25, Delia Hintz ’25, Morgan Roelfs ’25

During her college search, Hintz wasn’t sure about what she wanted to major in. A conversation with a faculty member helped Hintz feel confident that she would be surrounded by support.

“An education professor at Scholar Day told me about all the opportunities and experiences I could be part of with Central’s education program,” Hintz says. “I fell in love with the program.”

Inspired by dedicated faculty and immersive learning experiences, Hintz knows that she will be encouraged on every step of her journey.

“The education professors really have my heart,” Hintz says. “They take care of me in ways that go above and beyond.”

Central’s education program provides opportunities for students to be in classrooms and start teaching early on. Experiences like these help aspiring teachers feel better equipped to lead a classroom of their own.

“With all the experiences Central offers education students, there are so many moments where I get to constantly learn,” Hintz says. “We have observation points where our professors will come and observe us. Being able to practice those things right away and get feedback is huge. It’s helped me become the kind of person and teacher I want to be.”

“All professors at Central have their doors open,” she continues. “That open-door policy is huge. Especially as a student coming in who didn’t know anyone, knowing I have a friend in my professors is such a comfort. I’m so grateful to have professors who really support their students.”

It was encouragement from Jen Diers, director of the education program and Hintz’s advisor, that helped her take the leap to engage in an international program.

“Jen Diers told me that if I wanted to study abroad rather than graduate early, then she would help me make it happen,” Hintz says.

She seized the opportunity to immerse herself in a new cultural landscape. For the Fall 2023 semester, Hintz studied in Murcia, Spain.

“Two of my best friends are Spanish majors and were going to Spain, and I decided to go with them,” Hintz shares. “We traveled every single weekend. It was a cool experience to see and study education from a global perspective.”

Throughout her semester in Spain, Hintz took advantage of every opportunity to explore. She visited eight different countries and as many cities in Spain as she could. From Rome to Austria to London (her personal favorite), Hintz spent time in countless places with rich history and beautiful cultures.

“I met so many people from different places in the world. Some of my good friends that were in an education class with me are from Poland and Croatia. I still talk to them!”

Returning to campus after her time abroad, Hintz brought with her a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper appreciation for the enriching experiences that awaited her on campus. With her sights set on a future in education, Hintz remains committed to nurturing her passion for learning and fostering connections. As she continues to navigate the twists and turns of her college journey, Hintz knows the friendships she has forged and the knowledge she has gained will guide her toward a future filled with purpose and promise.

“I love the social aspect of all the things I do on campus,” Hintz says. “The more involved I am, the better my experience is. Being at a smaller school where I can join all these different things has really helped me to find a place here. Coming back to Pella after traveling made me even more grateful for my community here.”





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