Meet Central Alumni

Jeremy Siefken

The Dream Catcher

Cheyanne Scholl

The DNA Decipherer

Rachel Spooner

The Brain Researcher

BJ Pilling '09

The Game Changer

Tej Dhawan

The Instigator

Becky Hedges Pospisal ’04

Crafting Success

Emma Chervek ’21

Writing for the Planet

Gavin Babcock ’21

Chasing His Dream

Commencement 2021 Highlights

Commencement 2021 Highlights

Dean Furness ’94

Overcoming Obstacles

Celebrate 10 years of the Journey Scholarship Fund

Journey Scholarship Celebration – 2021

Jakob Steenhoek ’15

A Drone Solution

Mason Muur ’20

Everyday Impact

Hannah Hirl '19

No Objections

Cody Bock ’17 stands with her school’s principal on her last day working as a math teacher in Guinea.

Adventures Unlimited

Allison Reinbold ’20 working in Central's glass blowing studio.

A New Tattoo and a New Perspective

Amber Muntz ’14

An Award-Winning Teacher

Kayleigh Rohr ’20

I Can See Clearly Now

Kathryn Manternach Hafner ’14

A Teacher and a Leader

Cory McCleary ’18

Launching an Engineering Career

Libby Elmitt ’14

“I Love Being a Teacher!”

Amy Coughenour ’87

Liberal Arts and Management

Shane Nelson ’11

Baseball is Life

Mitchell Phipps ’17

An Entrepreneurial Move

Grant Seuferer ’14

Climbing the Ladder to Success

Taryn Pennington ’13

Dreams Do Come True

Karlee Rock Schneider ’15

CSI: Ankeny

Taylor Schuelke ’12

Reality Doesn’t Bite

Zach Greder ’19 and director of sustainability education Brian Campbell

Pitching in to Solve Climate Change

Josh Villalobos ’16 at Commencement 2016

A Strong Foundation for Our Son

Davis Eidahl ’63

It’s Not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon

Sarah Frese Nickel ’09

Next Stop: Kazakhstan

Will Daniels ’19

Doing Big Things

Nick Richtsmeier ’01

“The Four Most Formative Years”

Rob Lindley ’95

An Actor and a Gentleman

Joe Eilers ’18

Next-Generation Engineer

Riley Gray ’17

Savor the Journey

Seth Eash

Alumni Network Opens Doors to Pro Teams

Christine (Epperly) Ieuter ’91

Preview a Career

Adam Gregg '06

Representing Iowa

Five Central graduates celebrated together at the University of Iowa white coat ceremony earlier this year. Left to right: Ashley Radig ’16, Sam Palmer ’17, Abby Fyfe ’18, Nick Lind ’06 and Andie Arthofer ’17.

Central Prepares Students for Medical School

Liza Calisesi Maidens ‘10

The Legacy of Central’s Choir Program

Scottie Yang ’18

Super Selfie

Carol Mendez '09

Central: Where Dreams Come True

From Dutch to Dream

Broadcasting Aly

Cory Torkelson '06

Cory Torkelson ’06

Mariah Brammer '13

Mariah Brammer ’14

Jared Nepomuceno '16

Jared Nepomuceno ’16

Clayton Boeyink '10

From Central to Africa

Ben Christian '07

A World Series Winner

Joe Jones '98

Central Connections in HD

Ann Sobiech Munson '91

Interdisciplinary Architect

Bryan Mejia

Train Your Brain, Train Your Body

Holly Osborn '13

A Passion for Sports and Volunteering

Greg Nichols '02

Living the Dream

Molly Ward '15

Driving the Wienermobile

Danny Beyer '04

Networking Guru With a Sense of Fashion

Sam Scheckel '13

Art Therapy Brings Healing

Ricky Boyle '14

Keep Your Eyes Open

April Hill '04

Chemistry Gets Personal

Greg Teets '13

Self-Designed Success