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"Apply Today" text overlay with a photo of Central College mascot, Big Red, giving a thumbs up in the background.

Big Red Wants YOU to Apply to Central

"Meet Your Class Deans" text overlay with a photo of Central students at a Fun Run event in the background.

Meet Your Class Deans

"DelTon Alexander '24: Central Found My Heart" text overlay with a photo of DelTon Alexander in the background.

Central Found My Heart

"Trent Swartwoudt '22: Paying Generosity Forward" text overlay with a photo of Trent Swartwoudt in the background.

Paying Generosity Forward

"Commencement 2022 Highlights" text overlay with scenes of Central's 2022 Commencement ceremony in the background

Commencement 2022 Highlights

"2021-22 Athletics Highlights" text overlay with a photo of the Central Dutch football team in the background.

2021-22 Athletics Highlights

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Fine Arts at Central

Logo for Central College's athletic awards event, The Dutchies.


"Baking a Difference" text overlay with cookies and a photo of Jackson Perkins in the background.

Baking a Difference: The Jackson Perkins Education Scholarship

Thumbnail for Hoo-Rah 2022 highlights video.

Hoo-Rah Day Highlights 2022

"Follow Your Musical Dream" text overlay with a singer in the background.

Follow Your Musical Dream

NASA Commander Raja Chari aboard the International Space Station

Space Station Central

Thumbnail from feature video about Lisa Schwalenberg Johnson ’07.

Called to Serve

"Merry Christmas" overlaid on a photo of a festive fireplace.

Christmas Greeting 2021

Central College "Happy Thanksgiving" video thumbnail

Thanksgiving Greeting 2021

Financial Aid FAQs: Getting Started video thumbnail

Financial Aid FAQs: Getting Started

Makenna Hall ’23

More in Store

The Van Gorp Family

Miss Amazing

Financial Aid FAQs: The FAFSA video thumbnail

Financial Aid FAQs: The FAFSA

Financial Aid FAQs: Scholarships video thumbnail

Financial Aid FAQs: Scholarships

Homecoming 2021 video thumbnail

Homecoming 2021

Pella Has It ALL!

Welcome Weekend 2021

Welcome Weekend 2021

#TFW You Get Accepted to Central College

#TFW You Get Admitted to Central

Forever Dutch logo

Forever Dutch Celebration 2021

Athletics Complex Tour

Becky Hedges Pospisal ’04

Crafting Success

Gavin Babcock ’21

Chasing His Dream

Aiyana Rouse ’21

Multi-Talented Leader

Commencement 2021 Highlights

Commencement 2021 Highlights



Highlights from Hoo-Rah Day 2021

Hoo-Rah Day Highlights 2021

Celebrate 10 years of the Journey Scholarship Fund

Journey Scholarship Celebration – 2021

Jakob Steenhoek ’15

A Drone Solution

Central College students in an education class.

Central’s Education Facilities

Video thumbnail showing students Yuan Bank ’22 and John Horner ’21

Central College Campus Tour

Art of a sparkly dove silhouette with "Peace on Earth" below

Christmas Candlelight Concert 2020

File Your FAFSA Today

Big Red: File Your FAFSA!

Video thumbnail - mortarboard reading, "Better late than never."

Commencement 2020 Highlights

Central College A Cappella Choir Performs “Homeward Bound”

A Cappella Choir – “Homeward Bound”

"2020 Welcome Weekend" video thumbnail

Welcome Weekend 2020

Splitscreen photo of Tom Reinbold, alongside his daughter Allison Reinbold ’20

“Endless Possibilities for My Daughter”

Professor of Biology Russ Benedict showing a bat to a student during a STEM exploration event.

Bats and COVID-19

Allison Reinbold ’20 working in Central's glass blowing studio.

A New Tattoo and a New Perspective

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back

Blaine Hawkins ’21

Hawkins Writing History

Central College Dance Marathon

Central College Dance Marathon

Student Organization Spotlight: OLAS

Organization of Latinx American Students

Yuan Bank '22

Comforts of Home

To our students...

See You Soon

The DUTCHIES Awards 2020


Journey Scholarship 2020 video

Journey Scholarship Fund – 2020

Central College President Mark Putnam

Campus Compact Presidents’ Engaged Campus Awards 2020

Sing the Central fight song with us on Hoo-Rah Day!

Hoo-Rah Day — Fight Song

Quick Campus Video Tour

Elizabeth Rouse ’20

No Limits in Sight

Central College Education Program video thumbnail

Preparing Future Teachers

Miles Wichhart ’21

Good Vibes

What Do You Love About Central?

What Do You Love About Central?

Central College Dining Options

Campus Life – Dining

Sydney Williams ’20

“Everything I Could’ve Asked For”

Homecoming 2019 video

Central College Homecoming 2019

Karlee Rock Schneider ’15

CSI: Ankeny

Central College: For a Lifetime

2019 Central College Move-In Week

Welcome Weekend 2019

Mariah Kooyman ’20

Campus Life – Housing Tour

Josh Villalobos ’16 at Commencement 2016

A Strong Foundation for Our Son

Davis Eidahl ’63

It’s Not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon

Dave '61 and Ardie Pals Sutphen '64

DUTCHIES 2019 – Sutphen Tribute

Parker Majerus ’20

Follow the Leader

Anne Williamson ’20

An Introvert’s Path to Leadership

RCA Video thumbnail

Faith at Central

Sara Tallman ’20


Central College graduates following Commencement 2019

Commencement 2019 Highlights

C-SPAN Bus visits Central College

C-SPAN Bus visits Central College

The Dutchies


Will Daniels ’19

Doing Big Things

Hoo-Rah! Day thumbnail

Hoo-Rah Day Highlights 2019

Nick Richtsmeier ’01

“The Four Most Formative Years”

Mackenzie Fuller ’19

An Emerging Scholar

Make Your Next Move. Apply to Central.

Welcome to Central College

Financial Aid at Central College

Financial Aid at Central

Joe Eilers ’18

Next-Generation Engineer

Riley Gray ’17

Savor the Journey

Jacob Wegner '21

Where He Belongs

Sierra Illa ’20

First-Generation Success

Jackee Jones ’20

Embodying Courage

44th Annual Christmas Candlelight Concert at Central College

Christmas Candlelight Concert 2018

Carlos Posas '21

Wrestling the Dream

Liza Calisesi Maidens ‘10

The Legacy of Central’s Choir Program

Internship Fair 2018

Central Internship Program