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Central College is committed to a diverse, equitable and inclusive campus community. We are dedicated to ensuring a welcoming environment for all people, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, disability, pregnancy, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender expression and identity or membership to an underrepresented group. Ongoing evaluation and education are crucial for everyone, and Central aims to foster an environment that welcomes open-minded conversation and exploration.

Our Welcome Statement

Central’s Welcome Statement is designed to promote and protect safety, respect and integrity in relationships among all members of our community. Central is committed to fostering inclusivity on campus and strives to create a community of students, faculty and staff who are dedicated to supporting and advancing the mission and goals of the college. To achieve these ends, the Central community establishes a safe environment for all persons, including those considered diverse by contemporary and sometimes changing standards.

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Students at Central College

What We’re Doing

A Central education promotes diverse and inclusive thinking that challenges students to look beyond their own experiences and point of view. This inclusive thinking requires active efforts to truly integrate the accountability and awareness required, and Central leads its community in challenging unjust societal norms.

In 2018, the Building a Culture of Inclusion initiative was launched on campus, and a team of employees and students began paving the way to foster inclusivity for the entire campus community. These team members continue to make recommendations to leaders on campus to ensure continuous progress and change. Some ways that inclusion efforts have improved on campus include an educational focus on engaged citizenship, a diversity podcast series specifically for Central students and student organizations for individuals who belong to underrepresented groups.


Get Connected

Central is all about connections, and we encourage our students to engage with people from a variety of communities and backgrounds. Students continue to make their voices heard through student organizations like The Black African American Student Union and Common Ground (LGBTQ+) in which underrepresented identities can celebrate together. Central’s Title IX coordinator and equity officer also acts as a powerful connection to everyone on campus to ensure equitable and nondiscriminatory experiences for all.

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Students at Central College

Here to Support You

Central’s campus community is interconnected, which means there are people everywhere who can support students in anything they need. Find specific resources on campus, including Central’s Title IX statement, campus departments that can provide direct support and campus policies related to nondiscrimination.

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Many Voices

The Central community is made up of incredible people who actively build a culture of inclusion — both on campus and off.

Check out some of our latest stories about diversity, equity and inclusion in the Central community.

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