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“Don’t major in a profession, major in an interest. Once I changed my major to something that interests me, so many more doors opened.”

— Kamryn Waymire ’24 

Major: Musical Theatre
Involvement: A Cappella Choir, Student Ambassador, Student Worker at Geisler Library, Theatre
Scholarships: Journey, Presidential, Heritage
Hometown: Elkhorn, Iowa

As Central College’s first musical theatre major, Kamryn Waymire ’24 is opening doors for other performers and artists on campus.

When the new academic program was introduced at Central in the 2021-22 academic year, theatre and choir opportunities came together for students passionate in both spaces. Originally a theatre minor involved in choir, Waymire’s move was the perfect fit. With this new opportunity available to her, Waymire submitted the necessary paperwork and became the first student to declare a major in musical theatre.

“Tying the knots between theater and music was fun because musical theater wasn’t a major until a few years ago,” Waymire shares. “It was fun to be one of the trailblazers to tie those two programs together.”

As she shares the stage with other passionate students, Waymire takes pride in watching the program grow.

“We have a handful of musical theater majors now, a few in acting and a few in design,” she says. “It keeps growing every day. It’s a good feeling to see it continue to build.”

Waymire is always a friendly face in the theatre, both for returning students and for anyone trying it out for the first time. During her college experience, Waymire has been involved in every Central production — as a performer, backstage hand or a mixture of both.

Central students from a variety of majors and backgrounds collaborate with Waymire in productions. No matter what student organizations they are involved in, the theatre department makes it possible for everyone interested to participate.

“Two months before opening, we start having rehearsals Sunday through Thursday nights. Rehearsals are always after everything else is over,” Waymire shares.

The timing works in everyone’s favor, allowing students with a variety of interests to share the spotlight.

“A lot of students are athletes, and they’re involved in almost everything else that you can be involved with,” Waymire says. “It seems like at other schools, if you play football, that’s all you do. If you’re in choir, that’s all you do. But here, it’s more unusual to only have one thing that you’re doing. Everything’s very intertwined.”

“We have athletes that are coming to theater rehearsals after practice. We have people who have to go to campus ministries right after rehearsal at night,” Waymire continues. “Everybody that’s in choir and also in the musical will eat dinner together right after choir and then come to rehearsal together. It’s really fun to have different organizations come together for theater.”

Waymire is thankful for the opportunity to tap into all of her passions. Her major in musical theatre allows her to expand her musical knowledge while also performing as characters on stage. Her experience designing lighting, sets and other technical pieces of the theatre helps her build knowledge of all aspects of a performance.

The decision to become a musical theatre major wasn’t something Waymire did immediately as a first-year student. Instead, it was an opportunity to pursue something different after discovering her original major may not be the right fit. Her passion for performance was supported by advice she received her first year at Central — advice that she carries and shares with others as much as she can.

“Don’t major in a profession, major in an interest,” Waymire says. “Once I changed my major to something that interests me, so many more doors opened. I learned about all the different things that I could do with that major.”

Originally an education major with a theatre minor, her turning point came with the news of a new opportunity to major in musical theatre. Today, she knows she made the right choice for her future. All it took was a new perspective.

“I think people are nervous about changing their minds and changing their majors, but sometimes that’s the best thing you can do.”


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