2000 Edition

A Note From the Editors

By Betsy Loomans '01 & Gwen Vahl '00

Welcome to the 2000 Writing Anthology!

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Polishing Ground Level

By Jenny Stahr '02

Her name was Olive, and she lived in be 103. She was great-great-great-grandma, and I got to known her.

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“Landscapes of the soul”: an ecocritical view of nature symbols in the poetry of Antonio Machado

By Renee Brincks '99

Michael Predmore calls Antonio Machado “a towering figure in the literature and culture of twentieth-century Spain” (5). Others have praised his “power and genius and the “pure spirit with which his poems are written (Cobb 173).

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First impressions and a car like a life

By Ursula Biener

“Once you’ve seen the US you’re prepared to die” my friend wrote to me in one of his emails.

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Sevilanas and Cruces: Preparation for a Spring festival in Granada

By Kari Griggs '99

Sweat dribbled down my neck as I struggled to move my body into the positions ordered by our dance instructor.

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My Lustful Longing

By Jennifer Kreinbring '02

Cupid’s arrow has been thrust into my heart and desire for the Wife of Bath now consumes every inch of my body.

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Essay #2 – “Love and Marriage”

By Kannamma Shanmugasundaram '99

Then most non-Asians hear of arranged marriages, they think of instances where individuals are sworn over to each other, never meeting until the day of the wedding.

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Hog Lots in Iowa: Odor Emission and Odor Control Strategies

By Dan Haag '00

Over the past few years in Iowa, farming has become more than just a family owned and run business; it has become a corporate affair.

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A Farm Girl’s Perspective

By Jennifer Kreinbring '02

Sarah and I crouched inside the old wash house, pretending that our sole purpose was patting the kittens that wandered across the cracked cement.

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By Dave Mather '01

I wanted to hit him, but I’m a pacifist. I think. Still, I wanted to walk up with clenched fists, and hit him with all that I had.

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The Land and the Body in A Thousand Acres

By Jocelyn McCracken '00

In the opening page of her novel. Jane Smiley quotes Mendel Le Sueur: “The body repeats the landscape. They are the source of each other and create each other.”

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Why I Write

By Sara Marie Richardson '02

When I was in first grade I told the entire lunchroom about the trip my family took to England over the weekend. My classmates’ eyes grew wide with admiration as I pulled five souvenir coins from the pocket of my purple corduroy skirt.

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By Jessica Leibold '01

It was around 11 a.m. on a cloudy Sunday when the town square caught my eye. I had been driving for hours and decided to stop for lunch in the town of Osceola, I A.

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Militant Anabaptist?: A Look Onto the Munster Tragedy

By Bryan T. Klassen '99

For centuries, the tragedy of  Munster has been the sore-spot of Anabaptism.  Discrimination against the usually peaceful Anabaptists had long been justified by identifying the movement with the type of political upheaval associated with the Munster affair.

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By Betsy Tremmel '00

“I miss Africa. Mom.” the teary voice eight-year-old Will Harris came as a  surprise to parents Michael Harris and Kim Koza.

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The Sky Over Our Heads

By Lorena Fernandez-Quinones

Tossing and turning in my bed I try to concentrate again on the image of the moon tonight.

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