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Central College employees who are employed half-time or more are eligible for benefits. Employees who work less than 2080 hours per year will have their benefits prorated.

Health Insurance

The first of the month following hire/appointment, employees are eligible for health insurance coverage. The college and the employee share the cost of health insurance and the employee share is paid through pretax payroll deduction. We currently offer a choice between two different health plan options; plan A is a co-insurance plan with the employee selecting a primary care physician for routine services, and plan B is a high deductible health plan with the option of opening a health savings account.

Dental Insurance

Voluntary dental insurance is also available to employees the first of the month following hire/appointment. The premium for single or family coverage is paid by the employee through pretax payroll deduction.

Retirement Fund

After one year of service the college contributes funds into a retirement account with TIAA/CREF Financial Services, on the behalf of the employee. The first year the college contribution is three percent of salary every pay period, and each year after that the amount increases by one percent to a maximum of ten percent.

Supplemental Retirement Fund

Upon hire/appointment all employees are able to make contributions through payroll deduction that may be tax deferred to a TIAA-CREF Supplemental Retirement Account. This is an account that is in addition to the college retirement fund described above.

Tuition Reduction

Benefit eligible employees are immediately eligible to take classes at Central College on a part-time basis on a reduced tuition amount. After two years dependents and spouse are also eligible for reduced tuition for one degree. For employees who are less than full-time the tuition reduction amount is prorated.

Tuition Exchange

The Tuition Exchange benefit is a partnership with two different groups of colleges and universities offering competitive tuition exchange scholarships to eligible members faculty and staff dependent children for a maximum of 8 semesters toward an undergraduate degree. The college participates in the Tuition Exchange, Inc. partnership and the Council for Independent Councils partnership. Any dependent children of full-time staff or faculty who commence employment with the college may be eligible for this benefit the academic period following two (2) years of continuous employment for a full-time employee.


The college recognizes the following paid holidays:

Vacation and Sick Leave Benefit

Paid vacation and sick is awarded for use at the beginning of each fiscal year for continuing employees. New employees will receive a pro-rated vacation and sick allotment based on the date of hire. The number of vacation hours awarded are based on years of service for current employees. For new employees previous related years of experience may be taken into consideration. The number of sick hours awarded each year are 80 hours for full-time employees and pro-rated for less than full-time.

Term Life Insurance

Upon hire/appointment, basic coverage, and double accidental death and dismemberment coverage is paid for by the college in the amount of employee’s annual salary/wages (minimum $8,000 and maximum $50,000).

Optional Term Life Insurance

Supplemental life insurance coverage is available at the employee’s expense through payroll deduction for the employee, spouse and children.

Short Term Disability Insurance

All regular full-time and majority-time employees scheduled to work 1,000 hours, 50 percent FTE or more per year, after completion of one (1) year of employment are eligible for salary continuation when absent from work for more than five (5) consecutive work days due to personal illness or non-work related injury.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Upon hire/appointment, coverage is paid for by the college. If you are unable to work after three months of being disabled, this plan may provide up to 50 percent of your salary in an after-tax benefit.

Flexible Spending Plan

Open enrollment period is each November for the following calendar year. An employee can make voluntary contributions to a spending account through payroll deduction that may be tax free for health, dental, vision and dependent care expenses. This plan also allows your health and voluntary dental insurance premiums to be pretax.

Identification Card

This card identifies employees of the college. Its uses include, but are not limited to, admittance into various campus events, ticket discounts, campus dining, library and fitness center access, and a 10% discount at the Spirit Shoppe.

Direct Deposit

As a condition of employment, as allowed by Iowa Code Section 91A.3(3) and 91A.6, we require that all payroll checks from Central College will be deposited directly into your checking and/or savings account.

If you have questions regarding benefits, you may call 641-628-5300.