1992 Cover

A Note From the Editors

By Stacy Peterson '92 & Tom Egger '93

As a way of recognizing and rewarding academic excellence, the Honors Committee and the Skills Committee take pleasure in publishing this anthology of student writing. Professors from across the curriculum were invited to submit papers of all types which, in their judgment, demonstrated good writing.

Eleven papers were selected for their readability, originality, and insight. From among the finalists included in this anthology, two were chosen to receive the John Allen Writing Award. The co-winners were Jeff Burnison and Dorina Miller. Jeff’s research paper on R&D accounting procedures encompassed the three selection criteria. and really stood out as “more than just a research paper.” Dorina’s essay on A Passage to India exemplifies a clear synthesis of a range of “big ideas.” This year. Julie Osland received the Maureen Danks Award for writing in the sciences. Her paper on pandas reminds us all to be more aware of our environment.

The papers submitted this year were very well-conceived and well written. In narrowing the field from over forty down to eleven, we had to eliminate some quality work which easily could have been included. However, we feel that the selections within this anthology best cover a spectrum of disciplinary writings.

– Stacy Peterson and Tom Egger, Editors

We extend a special thanks to Walter Cannon for his help, advice, guidance, etc. and to Randa Van Dyk for her computer-guruship in getting all of this ready to print.