1992 Edition

A Note From the Editors

By Stacy Peterson '92 & Tom Egger '93

As a way of recognizing and rewarding academic excellence, the Honors Committee and the Skills Committee take pleasure in publishing this anthology of student writing.

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A need for reformation: r&d theory and financial accounting treatment

By Jeff Burnison '93

This paper focuses on existing R&D theory and practice as stated In FASB No. 2. Certain factors which led to the Board’s decision to expense R&D costs will be presented and criticized where poor theory, inconsistency, or faulty reasoning was used.

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God si Love: Gods in a Middle (An Essay on E.M. Forster’s A Passage to India)

By Dorina Miller '92

The characters of Mrs. Moore and Professor Godbole both express their relationship to ultimate reality in devotional terms, or through bhakti yoga, in E.M. Forster’s A Passage to India.

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The Endangered Ailuropoda melanoleuca: A Classical Illustration of the formidable environmental and ethical problems and issues involved in attempting to preserve an endangered species.

By Julie Osland '93

With their Mickey Mouse ears, roly-poly appearance and their huge black eyespots, it is no wonder that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) uses the giant panda as its symbol (“Poaching” 53).

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Hegel’s Master-Slave Dialectic: the search for self-consciousness

By J.D. Feilmeier '92

How does an individual human being become conscious of his place in the universe?

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A Rope of Singlemindedness

By Deb Forssman '94

In chapter 60 of Moby Dick, Herman Melville intricately describes the whale-line; he begins with physical description and then takes the line into the uncharted waters of neutral territory, suggesting deeper significance for the meaning of the line.

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You Can Live in a Place Without Even “Living” There

By Jennifer Hansen '03

Melissa, Steph and I sat on the Calais to Dover ferry, returning from our two-week spring break in Europe and mulling over all the things that had inexplicably gone wrong.

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Poland: Fish Soup or an Aquarium

By Natalie Laing '91

The crumbling of the Berlin Wall signified not only the crumbling of a communist-oriented government in one country, but also the crumbling or defeat of communism in an entire group of countries, formerly known as the Eastern Bloc.

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The Concentration of Foreign Policy Decision-Making and the Middle East Peace Conference

By Brent Maner '92

In the wake of the Gulf War, the United States launched an eight-month diplomatic campaign to rally support for a conference on peace and stability in the Middle East.

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Complex Ion composition determination by Job’s method

By Noel Powell '93

The composition of the complex ion nickel(II) ethylene-diamine, Ni(NH2CH2CH2NH2)x. in aqueous solution, is determined by the method of continuous variations, or Job’s method.

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On Life

By Jennifer Richards '93

Whenever I have to order things for a chemistry or biology lab project, I go to the Sigma catalog.

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The Brilliant Jung Swift-Footed Achilles( A most intriguing epithet)

By Lisa A. Rustad '93

In the Iliad, the “brilliant swift-footed Achilles” is a hero of the Greeks for renowned his physical strength and military prowess.

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