A Major Changeup

“I ended up changing my major twice, but Central’s professors are super helpful in getting your path started and identifying where your interests lie. The ability to have one-on-one connections with faculty is crucial.”

— Caleb Evans ’23 

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa
Major: English
Scholarships: Journey Scholarship, Huyser Endowed Scholarship, Dirk and Nellie Kolenbrander Family Scholarship
Campus Activities: Baseball, Campus Ministries
Career Goal: Business Writing or Communications

Caleb Evans ’23 knows a thing or two when it comes to pitching. He’s been playing baseball from the time he was in diapers. So when Central College called his number to represent the Dutch on the diamond, he knew how to deliver.

A shoulder injury in high school didn’t stop Evans from pursuing his dreams of becoming a student-athlete at the next level.

“When Central reached out to me and said they’d love for me to come and play baseball, that was really the start to it,” he says. “Then I came on a visit, and now I don’t want to leave. It’s been great here.”

At Central, Evans has appreciated the opportunity to grow as an athlete, as well as focus on his academics.

“It’s a breath of fresh air because you still get the heavy workouts to get better as a player, plus the passion is there from the coaches, which is awesome,” he says. “And you can also focus on schoolwork. I love how there’s a good balance.”

In the classroom, Evans has found his groove in pursuing an English major with a writing intensive emphasis. However, his path to English looked more like a curveball than a fastball.

“I ended up changing my major twice,” he says. “But Central’s professors are super helpful in getting your path started and identifying where your interests lie. The ability to have one-on-one conversations with faculty is crucial.”

Evans has also enjoyed the smaller class setting here at Central.

“I think that’s one of the things that stood out to me the most,” he says. “My professors have made a huge impact on me in helping me come up with a plan and giving me lots of good advice along the way.”

In his free time on campus, Evans is always looking for ways to further his community engagement.

“I started a Bible study for the baseball team,” he says. “That’s a really good way to be in community with them — letting the guys know that they can come talk to me about anything.”

His willingness to be involved in the lives of others doesn’t stop with teammates. Over the last few years, Evans has gotten involved with campus ministries. One of the ways this group makes an impact is through mission trips.

“The Texas mission trip is one of those things that I’m looking forward to doing again,” Evans says. “When you get there, it’s just a blast. You get to meet a whole new group of friends and spend quality time with God.”

With so many opportunities available and ways to get connected, it’s not lost on Evans that these are all made possible in part to Central’s generous donors.

“I would just like to say thank you to all the donors,” he says. “Their support is huge; it helps a ton.”

The overwhelming support that Evans has felt at Central is something he’ll take with him as his time here comes to an end.

“My Central experience now has gotten to a point where I don’t want to leave,” he says. “It’s not that I’m not ready to leave, it’s just I don’t want to because I’ve really enjoyed my time here.”

To close things out, Evans has one simple message for the entire Central fan base, “GO DUTCH!”


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