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Patrick Gray '19

“I chose Central College because I could see the passion that the college had for helping me improve as a student and as a person.”

– Patrick Gray ’19

Hometown: West Des Moines, Iowa
Sport: Football
Campus Activities: Student Representative, Central College Board of Trustees; Leader, Student Senate; Vice President, Society of Engineers Club; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Physics Tutor
Major: Engineering
Minor: Physics
Internship: Process Engineering, Lockheed Martin
Scholarships: Pell Rolscreen Scholarship, Central Heritage Award, Physics Department Award
Career Goal: Aerospace Engineer

“I chose Central College because I could see the passion that the college had to improve me as a student and as a person,” Patrick Gray ’19 says. “Central sees every student with a capacity for success. Professors hold students accountable to that and allow each of us to learn in our own way. I have been pushed to my limits, yet I do not remember the last time I was stressed out.”

When asked to name a favorite professor, he said that’s a tough choice between Lecturer of Physics Puneet Vishwakarma and Associate Professor of Physics Viktor Martisovits.

“Both impress me with their knowledge and passion. I’ve already had each one for a couple of classes, and I am excited to complete my final college year taking lessons from these pros,” Gray says.

Naming a favorite class was a bit easier: Fluid Mechanics.

“Learning about fluid mechanics has confirmed my interest in the field of aerodynamics, and has even pushed me to pursue a graduate degree in this area of study. I just love how beautiful occurrences, such as the majesty of flight, can be described with equations and mathematical laws,” Gray says.

That seems to go for the rest of his studies as well.

“I love physics and engineering. It’s no longer a chore to learn and study, it has become a hobby — a lifestyle,” Gray says. “I’ve enhanced my communication, writing, leadership and time management skills. Engineering has taught me how to think critically as well as fit different pieces together. Football has taught me important life lessons — and how different people respond differently to situations. I’m meeting alumni, professors and staff members that will push me toward future success. I have developed into a better leader, athlete and professional since being at Central.”

“I will be attending the University of Notre Dame in the fall of 2019 to take graduate courses in aerospace engineering and research hypersonic aerodynamics. This would not have happened without the passion and comradery found in Central’s growing program.”


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