Intersections is an interdisciplinary seminar that introduces the key questions students will explore throughout their four years at Central College:

  • Who am I?
  • What is my relationship with others?
  • How do I live a life of meaning and purpose?

Required of all first-year students, the multiple course sections investigate the shared topic “Perspectives on Human Nature,” and each professor adds a unique emphasis based on their discipline.

The first college course for most incoming students, Intersections is a glimpse into the critical thinking and rigorous research and writing typical of the liberal arts at Central. As such, it explores the complex relationships between the sciences, arts and humanities.

Intersections is more than a course; it is an experience for the entire Central community. Faculty, staff and upperclassmen are invited to read the common reading book over the summer and join in the campus-wide conversations taking place in the fall. Three convocations featuring speakers from different backgrounds cover the themes present in the common reading.

For more than 15 years, Central faculty have inspired students to improve their research and writing skills, explore different perspectives and develop the intellectual curiosity necessary for lifelong learning.

Intersections is a course at the crossroads of many disciplines, as well as a convergence between the classroom and campus life. These intersections between the classroom, the playing field, the stage, the laboratory and the residence hall will continue throughout students’ four years at Central. This new concept of integrated learning is unique among the nation’s colleges and universities.

In Perfect Harmony

Getting involved at Central College is par for the course for Mackenzie Biggs ’24. The ability to be involved in everything her heart desires at Central has Biggs sinking putts and inspiring young musicians in perfect harmony.

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