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Disclosure of Central College Graduation Rates

Central College is pleased to provide the following information regarding our institution’s graduation rates. The information is provided in compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended. The rates reflect the graduation status of students who enrolled by September 1, 2005 and for whom 150% of the normal time-to-completion has elapsed. Most Central College students graduate in four years; however, the published graduation rate includes all students who graduated within six years (150% of 4 years = 6 years).

The graduation rate for Central College’s 366 first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students who were enrolled as of September 1, 2005 and graduated by August 31, 2011 is 63%.

Graduation rates for previous years:

Fall Cohort Year Cohort Size Six-year Graduation Rate
2004 441 64%
2003 416 63%
2002 425 68%
2001 412 72%
2000 369 68%
1999 404 64%
1998 411 69%
1997 307 75%
1996 305 62%
1995 407 65%

While reviewing this information, please keep in mind:

  • STRK requires institutions who offer athletically related-financial aid to report the graduation rates of current scholarship athletes. Central College does not offer athletic aid or scholarships.
  • Reporting transfer-out rates is optional under STRK. We have elected not to report out transfer-out rates because our college’s mission does not include providing substantial preparation for students to enroll in other institutions.
  • The graduation rates noted above do not include students who left to serve in the armed forces, on official church missions, or in the foreign service of the federal government. Students who died or were totally and permanently disabled are also excluded.

Questions related to this report should be directed to Stephanie Henning, Registrar, at 641-628-5442 or

Fostering Community

Central College’s partnership with the By Degrees Foundation fosters community with students from underrepresented backgrounds and builds bridges connecting students to educational opportunities beyond high school. North High School’s 2024 graduates are the first class to partner with Central since third-grade year. Congratulations. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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