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Selfie submitted by an incoming Central College student.

Expect Extraordinary

Congratulations! You are in! You’ve been admitted to Central College. Take a moment and celebrate all you have accomplished to open this door.

Now everything is possible, because you don’t just attend Central, you join it for life. Take some time to get acquainted with Central and prepare for your next steps toward an extraordinary college experience! And know that we are here to support you every step of the way.

Ready to Go Dutch?

We’re excited to have you join the Central family! Committing to a college can feel intimidating, but once you choose Central, you’ll be exhilarated … because extraordinary is exciting! The next steps are important for you to take control of your future and set yourself up for success at Central. Let’s walk through the enrollment process together!

Check Out Campus

Compare Residence Halls

  • Review our housing options.
    Central offers a variety of housing options, from community and apartment-style living to suites and individual rooms.
  • Complete your housing form.
    Living on campus is an important part of the educational experience at Central. Housing assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Look at the full list of dates and deadlines to get a feel for what comes next in the Central journey.

Choose Central

Come to Central!

There’s not much left to do except pack and come to Central!

Forever Dutch®

When you submit your enrollment deposit to Central, you're not just choosing a college. You're saying yes to exciting new adventures. You're signing up for a lifetime of treasured memories. You're joining the Central community — which is basically the family you get to choose — where you'll find an infinite amount of support, friendship and camaraderie.

You're choosing to be Forever Dutch®.