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* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ACT and SAT test scores are NOT required if you’re applying for admission to Central for the Fall 2020 semester. We do not want to place undue hardships on students who cannot take the ACT or SAT due to testing facilities being closed nationwide.

Can I choose to self-report my academic information on my admission application instead of asking my high school to send an official copy of my transcript?

Yes, you can! You can simply fill in your class rank, ACT/SAT scores*, cumulative GPA, and core course preparation on your application. Your admission to Central College will be based on this self-reported academic information.

Once I submit my application and self-reported information, what happens next?

If you meet the Central College admission requirements, you will receive notification of your admission within two weeks.

Does this mean Central’s admission requirements have changed?

No, the admission requirements are still the same. You will need to send us an official copy of your ‘final’ high school transcript next May/June. Your final transcript will be carefully reviewed to verify that you have met the admission requirements.

What are the consequences if I was admitted on my self-reported academic information, but my final high school transcript shows that I do not meet Central College’s admission requirements?

Your offer of admission will be revoked.

If my self-reported academic information that is used for scholarship purposes, is inaccurate, do I lose my scholarship?

Your final high school transcript will be reviewed and verified to ensure you have met the scholarship criteria.

What about sending my ACT/SAT scores – do they still need to be sent?

Yes, test scores that are included on your high school transcript are considered official, otherwise you should request that the testing agency send your scores to us.*

If I am applying as a transfer or international student, am I able to self-report my academic information instead of sending in an official transcript?

No, This process only applies to students applying as a new first-year students from the U. S. who are still enrolled in high school at the time of application.

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