Meet Avery Hall ’26

Avery Hall '26

Avery Hall ‘26 

Admission Student Ambassador

Hometown: Lucas, Iowa

Major: Kinesiology 

Campus Activities: Volleyball, Volleyball Leadership Committee

Career Goal: My career goal is to become a doctor of physical therapy

Why Did You Choose Central College? I chose Central because of the welcoming and home-like atmosphere. Not only does Central have a fantastic kinesiology program that I get to be part of, but I also get to be part of a close-knit group of girls that is the volleyball team.  

What Is Your Most Memorable Experience at Central College Thus Far? My most memorable experiences at Central are all the times spent with my friends. Whether that’s on the court or off the court, all of my fun memories have been with my friends.  

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Pella/Iowa? My favorite thing about Pella is the community feeling it provides. It feels like home and has something for everyone.

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