Campus Life

Housing and Roommates FAQ

How are new students assigned to roommates and to rooms?

All new and transfer students are asked to complete the residence hall application provided in their admission materials. Information provided on the residence hall application heavily aids Residence Life staff in the roommate matching process. Therefore, it is important that the student fill out the form honestly and thoroughly. If a student wishes to live with someone specific, both persons must mutually request each other on the residence hall application. We suggest not requesting to live with a friend from high school, rather be open to meeting someone new. Once the residence hall application arrives in the Admissions Office, the date it is received is noted. Preference for building placement is considered by the date on which the application and deposit are received, and available space in the building.

When are room assignments mailed to new students?

Initial room assignments are mailed out in June for the fall semester. Once letters are sent out, roommate pairs are final. Your letter will contain contact information for your roommate(s). We highly encourage contacting and getting to know your roommate(s) before moving in!

What comes in the rooms?

Rooms are furnished with:

Central College furniture cannot be removed from the rooms, as there is no storage available, and for the preservation and accounting of items.

Are rooms equipped with phones?

Student rooms do not have landline telephones or phone access. However, there are landline phones for local use (phone cards may be used for long-distance calls) in at least one common area of each residential building, typically a lounge.

Do I need to bring carpet?

If you live in Scholte, Hoffman or the townhouses, you do not need to bring carpet as these rooms are carpeted. If you live in Graham, Gaass or Pietenpol, you may choose to bring carpet, as these rooms have tile floors.

What should I bring?

The residence hall guide contains a list of suggested items to bring and other useful residence information.

Are there things I should not bring?

For the health, safety and well-being of all, some items are restricted from possession or use in student housing. The following items are prohibited:

Who is there to help in the residential areas

Residence halls and houses are staffed by professional and paraprofessional (student) staff members. Both types of staff are here to help develop community, get to know students, aid in ensuring safety and security of the buildings, educate residents, enforce policy, and serve as a resource and helping hand.

Area Coordinators (AC): ACs are professional staff members who oversee each of the residence halls/houses. They supervise and advise the paraprofessional (RA) staff members in their area, help to develop the community environment, assist with student concerns, manage area operations, serve on an on-call rotation, and generally serve as a resource for students. ACs live on-campus and have offices within one of their halls/houses. Students are encouraged to seek out their Area Coordinator with questions, and to just get to know them!

Resident Advisors (RAs): RAs are paraprofessional student staff who are responsible for the development of the floor/house community they live in, and the wellness of the students residing in their area. RAs engage in community development and educational opportunities, get to know their residents, serve on an on-duty rotation, and a host of other beneficial activities for their residents and area. RAs live in their floor/house communities, and report to the Area Coordinator for their area.

Residential areas are also assisted by Student Safety personnel, who are available 24/7.

Where do I eat?

All students who live on campus are required to have a meal plan. The dining hall is adjacent to the Maytag Student Center and is called The Central Market. Additionally, light meals and snacks are available at Fred’s in the Maytag Student Center and the Café @ Central in the Geisler Library.

Where do I do laundry?

Laundry facilities are located in each residential building.  These machines are free to operate.

Do I clean my own room or fix my own maintenance problems?

All students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. Students are responsible for taking their trash and recycling to the appropriate receptacles outside or to the trash closets. Vacuums are available in each residence hall for student use; they can be checked-out from Residence Life staff members. The common areas (hallways, stairwells, bathrooms, etc.) are cleaned by custodial services.

Facilities Planning and Management is in charge of building maintenance. Work orders for issues can be placed online at or by calling 641-628-7676.

Where will my mail go?

You will be assigned a campus mailbox. The mailboxes are located on the first floor of the Maytag Student Center. Mail should be addressed as such:

812 University St. – Box XXXX
Pella, Iowa 50219

What if I get sick?

For health services, Central College has partnered with Pella Regional Health Center (PRHC) to provide patient care. The hospital and clinic are conveniently located within a mile of campus. Students who do not have access to a vehicle may contact 641-628-9000 to make arrangements for transportation to and from their appointments.

Can I live/stay in my room all year long?

The residential facilities close for winter break between fall and spring semesters. Students may not occupy their rooms during winter break. The residential facilities remain open during fall, Thanksgiving, spring, and Easter breaks. Summer housing is available for a separate charge.

Can I smoke in my room?

In regards to the Iowa Smoke-Free Air Act, as of July 1, 2008, smoking is not allowed anywhere on campus, including the residential facilities, cars, parking lots, or any other campus-owned areas.

Do I need personal health insurance?

Student health insurance is required of all full-time students. The College does offer a student health insurance plan and information regarding coverage and cost may be obtained at the controller’s office.

Are any Central residential buildings ADA accessible?

Many of Central’s residential areas offer ADA accessibility, including:

If you are in need of ADA housing for a medical need, please make sure to make note on your housing application, as well as to provide professional documentation.

Do I need property insurance?

Families should review their home-owners insurance to see if the student is covered under that insurance while living on-campus at Central College.

Can I bring an air conditioner?

No; students who have a medical need for air conditioning should indicate such on their housing application so they can be placed in one of our air-conditioned buildings.

Are the residential buildings locked?

Central’s residential buildings are locked 24/7, and operate on electronic key card access. Student IDs double as their access cards to get into residential buildings.

Each residential room is equipped with a keyed lock. We highly encourage students to always lock their doors when not home. If you get locked out, a Residence Life or Security staff member can let you in for a fee (charged to your student account). For security reasons, a lost key will result in a lock change, and a $75 fee for the change (charged to your student account).

What do I do with my vehicle or bike?

Given the pedestrian-friendly size of Central’s campus, walking or biking anywhere is easy! Should you choose to bring a car, bike, or other vehicle to campus, please make sure to observe the following instructions and suggestions:

Cars/Other Vehicles: If you wish to park a motorized vehicle (including, but not limited to cars, motorcycles, motorized scooters, etc.) on campus, you will need to obtain a parking sticker for your residential area from Campus Security (the fee for your sticker will be charged to your student account). You may register for a sticker online via, or by contacting Security. Your vehicle must display your sticker, and be parked only in your assigned lot.

Bikes: Bike racks are available in numerous locations on campus for your convenience. It is recommended that you register your bike with Campus Security and/or the City of Pella. The college is not responsible for stolen bikes, or damage, so it is highly recommended that you purchase a secure lock system. Bikes are not allowed to be stored inside the residential areas.

Can I move in early?

Students are expected to make arrangements for move-in and closing based on the published opening and closing dates. Early arrivals and late stays are highly discouraged and must be based on need rather than convenience. Taking a day off of work may be necessary to move-in/pick-up a student. Only those receiving approval by the Residence Life Office at least a week in advance will be permitted to arrive early. Arrivals prior to the beginning of the official move-in dates above may incur a $35 per day charge. Move-in dates and times are noted in your housing letter. Please plan accordingly for a smooth, stress-free day!