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“Central really helps you find what you’re passionate about and what you want to do after school. Faculty are really good about working with you on your interests and helping you find how it can translate into something specific.”

— Savannah Sexton ’25 

Majors: Business Management with an emphasis in secondary education
Hometown: West Branch, Iowa
Scholarships: Artis Vande Voort Leabo Scholarship
Involvement: A Cappella Choir, Campus Activities Board, Resident Assistant, SCATE (Students Concerned About the Environment), Service Learning, Student Ambassador, Student Senate, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Zumba Club
Internships: PPI Human Resources, Hy-Vee Human Resources, Stutsman Agriculture Human Resources
Career Goal: Human Resources

Central College proved to be the ideal setting for Savannah Sexton ’25 to thrive on her college journey. An integral piece of Central’s tight-knit community, she discovered a strong academic path and lifelong friendships.

As a first-year student, Sexton knew she wanted to pursue business management and Spanish. As she tried out new classes and explored new passions, she began to question what she wanted to pursue.

“I was studying business and Spanish originally. My sophomore year, I took an education course, and discovered an interest in that,” Sexton shares. “I worked with Maggie Schlerman, associate professor of accounting and 2002 Central graduate, and found that with the business management degree, Central offers an emphasis in secondary education. That was perfect for what I was looking for.”

She had never expected to want to teach, but the opportunity to try something new is something Sexton is still thankful for.

“It’s an example of how Central really helps you find what you’re passionate about and what you want to do after school. Faculty are really good about working with you on your interests and helping you find how it can translate into something specific,” she adds.

Despite changing the emphasis of her major, the additional coursework didn’t add any extra time to her academic plan. The opportunities available at Central have allowed her to pursue any and all of her interests.

“Something I really like about Central is all the opportunities they offer students,” Sexton shares. “I’ve been really involved throughout my time here. Getting involved is such a huge part of getting to know people and having fun during your time in college.”

The variety in her coursework allows Sexton to stay connected with many people around campus. No matter what class she’s in, she always has friends around her.

“I really enjoy having a variety of studies each semester, which keeps it fun,” she shares. “It’s great getting to know so many different students and faculty members across campus.”

Sexton’s first internship opportunity was part of Central’s Career Kickstarter. A program offered to sophomores during winter break, Career Kickstarter helps students take part in micro-internships to network with and shadow professionals in their field.

“I connected with PPI through the Career Kickstarter program and completed a three-day internship with them,” Sexton says. “We stayed in contact, and I was offered an internship because of that.”

Her internship experience helped her feel more confident in her path moving forward.

“My experience with Career Kickstarter helped me realize I want to go into human resources,” she says. “I’ve continued with that and looked for more internships because of it.”

Sexton will have completed three internships before graduating.

“In my internships, I get to apply what I’ve learned in class,” she shares. “It’s really cool to see the real-world application of what I’ve been learning and how that translates in my career.”

An already busy student, Sexton wanted to do more. She studied in Barcelona, Spain, for a semester, opening the door to practice her Spanish, connect with people from around the world and explore.

“I got to travel to many different countries and places in Europe,” she recalls. “I met a lot of new people and made new friends from different countries and from other states. It was a great experience all around.”

The connections she created during her time in Barcelona helped her create Central friendships, too.

“I didn’t know anyone else who was going to Barcelona at first,” she shares. “I found out there were a couple other people from Central going, and we really got to know each other over the trip. It’s a lot of fun seeing them on campus back at Central.”

Sexton got her start with service learning in Barcelona and quickly fell in love. She continues to seek opportunities to volunteer in local communities.

“I completed a service-learning program where I was an English language assistant at a school in Barcelona,” she shares. “Coming back to Central, I wanted to continue service learning. I was looking for an opportunity to do that and now volunteer with 8th & College Connections in Des Moines.”

As the student body president for the 2024-25 academic year, Sexton is eager to connect with people across campus and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of different things and have gotten to know many students around campus,” she shares. “It’ll be a great opportunity to make sure students’ voices are heard. I’m thankful I’ll be able to advocate for students here on campus.”


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