Parent Council

Enjoy the camaraderie and support of Central parents with the Central College Parent Council. This group serves as a resource for parents and helps build connections — that close-knit family Central prides itself on. They can help explain what a Lemming Race is and why your student’s clothes may need extra washing after Homecoming. Its mission is to make sure the educational environment is maximized for each student and to offer a parent perspective in student-related matters.

The Parent Council selects parents from each graduating class to serve on this resource council.

For more information contact Karmen Ten Napel, vice president for student development and dean of students.

Karmen Ten Napel

Vice President for Student Development & Dean of Students

Parent council 2023-24

Class of 2024

Wade and Michelle Eichhorn with daughter Audi '24

Wade and Michelle Eichhorn
(Audi ’24)

Not Pictured:

  • Aaron and April ’96 Six (Addison ’24, Aden ’27, Ajay ’27, Avery ’27)


Class of 2025

Sara Aguilera '99 with daughter Noelia '25

Sara Aguilera ’99
(Noelia ’25)

Brian ’95 and Karen Ellingson Ahrens ’96 with son Tyler '25

Brian ’95 and Karen Ellingson Ahrens ’96
(Tyler ’25)

Jen and Scot Lamm with daughter Karsyn ’25

Scot and Jen ’98 Lamm
(Karsyn ’25, Kenna ’26)

Not Pictured:

  • Brandon ’98 and Aanna Hoch ’98 (Eva ’25, Ruby ’27)


Class of 2026

Wendy and Dave Lindell with son North '26

Dave and Wendy Lindell
(North ’26)

Brett and Chantelle Lundberg with son Derek Beiner '26

Brett and Chantelle Lundberg
(Derek Beiner ’26)

Not Pictured:

  • Lora Appenzeller ’95 (Annaliese Miller ’26)
  • Jeffrey and Colleen Hovinga (Joey ’26)
  • Amy Kenney (Mark ’26)


Class of 2027

John Chambers ‘98 with daughter Summer '27

John Chambers ’98
(Summer ’27)

Aanna Hanson Hoch '98 with daughter Ruby '27

Aanna Hanson Hoch ’98
(Ruby ’27)

Amy and Dan McLaughlin with son Justin '27

Dan and Amy McLaughlin
(Justin ’27)

Not Pictured:

  • Heather Schmidt (Macy ’27)
  • Doug and Joni Tonnemacher (Mason ’27)

Making a Joyful Noise

Gannon Oberhauser ’23 has been singing from the moment he arrived at Central College. A highly involved student, Oberhauser has taken advantage of every opportunity presented to him at Central and built strong relationships with students, faculty and staff.

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