Central College offers parent access to student records through a parent portal. Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), parents must be given access to the portal by their student.

Students may choose to grant access to parents/guardians/others using the “My Parent Access” menus in their WebAdvisor accounts. A student may also choose to deny access.

How does a student grant access to a parent or guest?

Students login in to webadvisor and grant access through “My Parent’s Access” in WebAdvisor. When a student has granted a parent/guest access, the parent/guest will receive a confirmation email which contains instructions for viewing the information they have been granted access.

Can a parent or guest request access to the portal?

Authorization must come directly from the student due to the student’s rights under FERPA. You may send a request for access to your student at any time. Please discuss your request with your student prior to requesting access.

What if my student doesn’t give me access or revokes my access?

Your student has full control of the information you are allowed access to in the Parent Portal. At any time your student may change your permissions, including revoking access to their information completely. If you have questions regarding your account access, please address them to your student.

I have access to the parent portal, now what?

Parents can use this quick start guide to get started using the parent portal. There is also a short slideshow that will help you familiarize yourself with the features of the portal.

What type of information is available to someone who has been granted access?

The student determines if they want to share academic and/or financial information. All information is view only with the exception of “Make a payment.” Having access also gives Central College the option to discuss non-directory information at the discretion of the institution.

Designated individuals will not be able to request an official transcript, register for classes, make schedule changes, or view in-progress information for daily homework, quizzes or exams.

Academic information:

Financial Information:

Parents: Request Access Students: Grant parent access