Follow the Leader

“Central College rounds you out. Central takes good people and makes them great people.”

Parker Majerus ’20

Hometown: Sycamore, Illinois
Majors: Spanish, Secondary Education
Minors: English
Scholarships: Presidential, Ron Schipper, Geisler Penquite, Central Heritage Award, Ministry and Mission Award
Campus Activities: Football, Student Senate, Student Member of the Board of Trustees, Student Parliamentarian, Organization of Latinx-American Students, Student Alumni Association, Student Football Coach
Career: Spanish and English Teacher, Hudson Community School District, Hudson, Iowa

Parker Majerus ’20 couldn’t believe the opportunities at Central College.

“It’s crazy not to be involved in all of them,” he says.

While being involved in everything certainly isn’t possible, Majerus has jumped into plenty. He’s been a member of the football team, studied abroad and served on student senate.

“Doing nothing drives me up the wall,” he admits. “I’m driven and want to diversify myself, and that’s what Central has allowed me to do.”

Majerus has immersed himself in leadership at Central, something born out of his high school days. There, he was president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, involved in student senate, part of a youth advisory council and took advantage of business leadership academies.

His introduction to leadership at Central came on the football team as a freshman when he watched and learned from upperclassmen who pushed to get the most from teammates.

Since, Majerus has become a student member of the Board of Trustees, serves as student parliamentarian, is involved with the Organization of Latinx-American Students and the Student Alumni Association and helps the football team as a student coach.

“I’ve rubbed shoulders with great leaders here, and that had a great impact on me,” Majerus says. “There have been a lot of people who have been inspiring to me on my journey. Central has really helped me develop leadership abilities.”

Majerus came to Central because of family tradition. His father, Rob Majerus ’88, played football for the Dutch and seven family members have graduated from Central. Trips to Pella and Tulip Time were the norm growing up. Central was a home away from home.

Once here, Majerus made a name for himself.

He’s majoring in Spanish and secondary education and minoring in English. His hopes to teach Spanish after graduating and long-term has his sites set on immigration law.

He got a head start teaching while studying abroad in Grenada, Spain. Majerus used the experience to teach English to immigrants from Central and South America.

“I want to branch out and get a wide range of activities and experiences to take with me into the future,” he says. “The opportunities I’ve had are part of the whole experience at Central. It comes full circle. It shapes you. It forms you. I want to make an impact while I’m here and leave it a better place than when I came.”

His many student activities prove Majerus is doing just that. Central has opened his mind to the bigger picture and he’s made the most of his experiences.

“The biggest thing you should ask yourself is what kind of experience you want to have?” he says “Who do you want to be at the end of your four years here?

“Central College rounds you out. Central takes good people and makes them great people.”


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