Paying Generosity Forward

“It was super uplifting and motivating, understanding that somebody who had never met me before was really invested in my education and wanted to see me grow and develop as a person. That’s the first thing that really encouraged me to donate. I want to take that and make that impact in someone else’s life.”

— Trent Swartwoudt ’22

Hometown: Northfield, Minnesota
Major: Economics
Minors: Business Management, Spanish
Scholarships: Peter H. Kuyper
Campus Activities: Cross Country, Track and Field, Hockey Club, Senior Class Project Committee
Career Goal: Critical Care Paramedic/Firefighter

Giving is personal, and for recent Central College graduate Trent Swartwoudt ’22, it’s an act of service for the institution he loves. Swartwoudt put his college career on pause when he answered the call to serve our country. Upon his return, Swartwoudt chose to give back to his community. This scholarship recipient turned scholarship donor was moved to pay it forward during his final year at Central because of the incredible generosity from which he benefited.


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