Central is committed to offering affordable off-campus experiences to provide access to students and families of all income levels. The costs of off-campus study can vary based on the type of program as well as the location that a student chooses. Restrictions apply on the type of aid students can use for off-campus semester programs. Students pay the tuition price charged by partner programs for all off-campus semester educational opportunities. Federal and state funding and outside scholarships will continue to apply to programs, as allowed.

Some standard off-campus study costs include:

  • Health insurance
  • Housing
  • Local transportation (by bus, train, etc.)
  • Passport
  • Round-trip flight
  • Student visa
  • Miscellaneous costs (extra travel, souvenirs and food)

If you select a faculty-led program during a semester or as part of a course, 100% of your Central financial aid will apply toward the cost of tuition. If you select a semester partner-led program, use of federal and state aid is available to students. Outside scholarships will also apply toward the cost of tuition.

If you plan to enroll in a summer international or faculty-led program, financial aid is not available. Travel with extracurricular activities falls outside Central’s academic program and costs are not part of financial aid or tuition.

For questions as to how semester off-campus programs may affect your financial aid, please reach out to the Central financial aid office directly. Additional scholarships and financing may be available from external sources.

I Can See Clearly Now

Initially unsure of herself and her goals, Kayleigh Rohr ’20 graduated with her sights set on optometry.

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