Off-Campus Experiences / Faculty-Led Programs

Expect Adventure

Central’s faculty-led programs take students to interesting and educational places throughout the U.S. and abroad. Gain valuable intercultural experiences through coursework in business, foreign languages, sciences and other disciplines while learning around the world with Central faculty. Off-campus travel is embedded into coursework with trips varying in length.

Textbook to Real Life

A faculty-led program is different from other kinds of off-campus study. Students find real value in working alongside faculty members outside of the classroom. Through this program, students develop cultural insight and real-world experience using the knowledge gained in an academic course.

Central faculty lead musical ensembles, tropical research and cultural immersion trips to locations around the world.

Sound fun? Eligible students consult with their academic advisor about faculty-led programs to ensure courses completed during an off-campus academic experience align with the curriculum and requirements for graduation.

Students and faculty from Central's economics, accounting and management club pose for a group photo during their trip to Chicago.

Open a New Door

It’s important for students to learn that opportunities are everywhere! I was recruited into so many great things because I learned to actively put myself in situations where opportunities can present themselves.”

Oscar Reynaga

Senior Lecturer of Spanish

Just Do It

Off-campus study is near and dear to all of our hearts. We’re doing everything we can to provide students with off-campus study opportunities. I encourage students by saying, ‘You never regret the things that you did, but you always regret the things that you had the opportunity to do and chose not to!’”

Maggie Fisher Schlerman ’02

Associate Professor of Accounting

Associate professor of accounting Maggie Schlerman poses for a photo with her class during a trip abroad. In the background are a large forest and pyramids.

Intercultural Education in the Midwest

Dedication to global learning fosters Anna Overla’s ’20 adventurous spirit.

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