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Disability Services

We offer the following services for Central students with documented physical or learning disabilities:

Requesting academic accommodations

  1. Submit current documentation from an appropriately licensed professional (within the past three years) describing the disability to the Director of Disability Services. The documentation should state the accommodations that the students will need at the postsecondary level. The student should then meet with the Director of Disability Services to review/discuss the student’s strengths and weaknesses and requested accommodations.
  2. Together the student and Director of Disability Services will complete an accommodation request form that will be discussed with the student’s academic advisor and each of the student’s professors. The request form will state the recommended accommodations. This form will need to be completed at the beginning of each semester. After the student discusses the requested accommodations with each professor, the student returns the form to the Disability Services Office and it is filed in the student’s file.
  3. Some accommodation requests may dictate that the student, Director of Disability Services and the course professor collaborate to identify an accommodation that will meet the needs of both the student and professor.
  4. If a student encounters problems with college personnel concerning accommodations, the student should bring their concerns to the attention of the Director of Disability Services. If the Director is unable to resolve the concerns, the Disability Committee consisting of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Associate Dean of Curriculum and Faculty and the Disability Coordinator will meet to discuss the situation.

The Director of Disability Services is available in Maytag Student Center (second floor) to Central students who qualify for the program.

Student Responsibilities


The program may deny the accommodations if they fundamentally alter the program, lower standards or are unduly burdensome financially or administratively.