2018 Edition

A Note from the Editors

Front page featuring a arrow and a bottle

Hannah Marcum ‘18 & K.E. Daft ‘19

It is our delight to share this year’s publication with you. After reviewing submissions representing a wide variety of disciplines, we selected the following eleven pieces to be featured in the anthology.

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Buried Roots

forest scenery with dandelions

K.E. Daft '19

A flickering red cardinal begins again his daily ritual, Hurtling his frail body against the plexiglas window Of the small church room where we hold rehearsal, At war with his own reflection.

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Social Evolution of Bees Through Environmental Pressure

hand and butterflies artwork

McKenna Kilburg '18

Over eight million different species exist on earth, and of these, most species display some sort of socialization within or between species. This socialization can take the form of several frameworks.

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El feminismo disimulado en “La indiferencia de Eva” de Soledad Puértolas

hand holding flowers with blue wrist band

Katie Haffenden '18

En el libro de relatos Una enfermedad moral, publicado en 1982 y escrito por Soledad Puértolas, hay un cuento llamado “La indiferencia de Eva.” Para el lector ocasional es posible que el cuento parezca como si nada significante ocurriera.

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The Business of Love in The Good Woman of Setzuan

red leather artist's book with middle left open

Bailey Anderson '18

Ask anyone what the most important factor in a successful relationship is, and they will likely tell you it is love. However, even people who love each other face challenges which may jeopardize the relationship.

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Euclid’s Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem


Katherine Lowe '18

This paper seeks to prove a significant theorem from Euclid’s Elements: Euclid’s proof of the Pythagorean theorem.

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Restoration Through Brave Narration


Peyton Gray '18

In the popular Middle Eastern piece of literature entitled The Thousand and One Nights (The Nights), a frame-tale narrative is used to tell various stories that revolve around King Shahrayar and his relationship with women.

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Flash of Lightning, Sprig of Lilac: Representations of Nature in Whitman’s War Poetry


Hannah Marcum '18

Aroused and angry, I thought to beat the alarum, and urge relentless war; But soon my fingers fail’d me, my face droop’d, and I resign’d myself. To sit by the wounded and sooth them, or silently watch the dead.

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Travis Croxdale '19

The air is dry, but it has the scent of stagnant water. A mildew sort of scent, baking under the dome of lingering clouds.

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